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Thinking of going to the Supermarket in NZ today?

Here's some advice from your mum.

I've been a mum since I was 21. Telling you what to do is my strong-arm, child.

1 - if you’re sick, stay home. Even if it’s not the old Covid-19, people will still potentially yell at you or look at you dirty. You don't deserve that kick start in poor mental health and the public doesn't deserve unnecessary anxiety because you coughed.

2 - People aren’t being c***s in this, they’re either misinformed, scared or ignorant. When you see them with their full trolley of rice and body wash, try to keep this in mind and counter their overstocking by looking at your own haul and try to find someone looking lost and ask if they need help.

3 - Supermarkets are full of not-c***s today so you’re best to wait a day or two. Get creative with what you’ve got at home. If this goes on for a long time (and I'm meaning longer than 6months) we might all need to figure out how to make a meal out of two weetbix, a can of lentils and cream of tartar...

4 - If you really SUPER need anything, I have 428 rolls of toilet paper, 3 boxes of mini hand-sanitisers, 52 loaves of bread and 5 years worth of instant pasta meals.

5 - Number 4 was a joke.

6 - If you are desperate, Tell your people (or your community FB group) what you need, if someone has it, I'm sure they won't mind doing a mailbox drop.

7 - I really do hope not-c***s staaaaahp with the panic buying soon so we can all shop without having to form a queue.

8 - The word “queue” is an example of word-makers panic buying letters.

9 - Wash your car door handles and anything that touches your hands or the trolley or anything that's not the inside of your pockets after getting home from the shop. That was a serious one, but I saw it on a thing and thought it was sensible. *shrugs*

10 - Breathe. NZ is NOT running out of supplies. The Supermarkets will have your noodles and Toilet Paper tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and every day thereafter.

x Your Mum.

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