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Well. Shit.

Updated: Mar 22, 2020


My first Blog Post on this site was supposed to be all about the launch of my first official single as an officially official solo artist. It's officially official that Covid-19 has sucked the life blood out of the touring and performing music industry and we're all just a bit dazed and confused as to what is going to happen to our careers.

The good (and bloody awful) thing about that last statement, is that there's millions of people round the world feeling the same way or a bit better, or a lot worse, or a lot better, or a bit worse. Point is. The world just ground to a halt and we've just got to rally (without touching anything) to figure out a new normal.

I'm still releasing my music, it just won't come with a fancy press and performance tour. Or maybe it will, but probably not.

Give me a tick whilst I recombobulate my plan

In the meantime, check in with your loved ones, check in with your neighbours, and help out however you can. Even if that's making sure you simply give a huge smile to anyone you pass.

Oh, and wash your damned hands.

x Liv

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